How to Get Free Facebook Credits

Looking to get more Facebook credits for free? Then you’ve come to the right place. Hundreds of our visitors have already earned free Facebook credits by participating in our free offer. Click on the download button below to get started!

Facebook Credits is the name of the virtual currency used on Facebook. Credits can be used in all Facebook applications and games to level up or power up your character. Credits are also used for purchasing virtual goods and items. The standard way to get Facebook credits is to pay for them with real world money, using a credit card, PayPal, Western Union or other local payment methods.

How to get Facebook Credits ?
There are 2 only ways i know about to get some. Either, you buy some with your credit cards or you use a Facebook Credits Generator, such as ours.

Facebook Credits Generator Screenshot:
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How is it Working ?
The first questions you must ask yourself at the moment is : Is this really real ?  Is it going to work ? Is it Free ?
To make it short the answer is YES ! Yes it is real, Yes it is working smoothly and Yes it is free !!
You may have been disappointed by many others websites or softwares which claim that can generate Facebook credits, but either it is fake or the software is a Virus.
As a matter of fact, we have been there too ;) , so we are pretty aware of all those scams which turn down to make us loose time more than anything.
It is pretty much straight forward. You download our Facebook Credit Generator tool on the website (here).  Then, you just need to click on “Add Credits”. The server will process your query (between 30 sec and 3 minutes according to the current queue) .

Why is there a locking pop up survey ?
It has been a few weeks we are giving out Facebook credits for free now. Unfortunately, we have discovered that some people have built web bots to steal our generated codes to resell them. Despite the fact that it is low, the problem is that the web bots are killing our server because of the numbers of queries generated and we do not want to add more servers into this project, where we earn nothing from. We had no others choices to lock them out. We have tried to block the IPs, add a captcha solving process, change the Generator URL and nothing has successfully stopped them. We apologize that because of a few, you guys, have to go through an annoying locking process.
We do not like cheaters, so let’s all play fair. Once you get your credits, you are free to use them anywhere you want! Use them on farmville, mafia wars, and other games or apps you like! With that said, we hope you enjoy our site, and of course, enjoy your Free Facebook Credits!

lida dai dai hua- Is it the perfect fat-buster?

Losing weight is not an easy task. It can prove to be an arduous job especially when you don’t have an idea which weight loss supplement to go for. Well, luckily, your weight loss efforts may now be solved with the lida dai dai hua weight loss supplement. It’s a lida daidaihua Chinese herbal formula that suppresses the appetite, burns fat on targeted areas, and increases the body’s metabolism. It has been clinically proven to be potent and a good dietary product especially for people between 16 and 65 years old. Let’s look at its natural ingredients, how it works, its usage, and precautions.


This product contains a number of ingredients that make it effective in busting fat in the body. It contains: cassia seed, rhizome alismatics, India lotus leaf, and daidaihua (bitter orange).

305How it works

lida dai dai hua works in two main ways:

· Speeds metabolism- This weight loss supplement achieves this by restraining the ingestion of norepinephrine known as adrenalin B3 receptor. By doing this it increases the consumption of the brown fat tissue for energy in the body. Clinical findings have established that this product can speed metabolism up to 18 times.

· Suppresses the appetite- One of the major reasons why people tend to add weight is because of extra calorie intake. This dietary supplement solves this issue by suppressing your appetite. It controls the hunger feeling without affecting your normal nutrition-ingestion process.

Its usage

In order to lose weight effectively you just need to take one pill a day before breakfast.


It’s advisable you don’t take this diet pills when you are:

· Below 16 years or older than 65 years

· Pregnant or breastfeeding

· Suffering from blood pressure, kidney or liver dysfunction, apoplexy or cardiovascular disease.

Losing weight these days may not be an easy thing, but with lida dai dai hua herbal supplement you will shed off up an astonishing 30lbs in a matter of months.