How to Get Free Facebook Credits

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Facebook Credits is the name of the virtual currency used on Facebook. Credits can be used in all Facebook applications and games to level up or power up your character. Credits are also used for purchasing virtual goods and items. The standard way to get Facebook credits is to pay for them with real world money, using a credit card, PayPal, Western Union or other local payment methods.

How to get Facebook Credits ?
There are 2 only ways i know about to get some. Either, you buy some with your credit cards or you use a Facebook Credits Generator, such as ours.

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How is it Working ?
The first questions you must ask yourself at the moment is : Is this really real ?  Is it going to work ? Is it Free ?
To make it short the answer is YES ! Yes it is real, Yes it is working smoothly and Yes it is free !!
You may have been disappointed by many others websites or softwares which claim that can generate Facebook credits, but either it is fake or the software is a Virus.
As a matter of fact, we have been there too ;) , so we are pretty aware of all those scams which turn down to make us loose time more than anything.
It is pretty much straight forward. You download our Facebook Credit Generator tool on the website (here).  Then, you just need to click on “Add Credits”. The server will process your query (between 30 sec and 3 minutes according to the current queue) .

Why is there a locking pop up survey ?
It has been a few weeks we are giving out Facebook credits for free now. Unfortunately, we have discovered that some people have built web bots to steal our generated codes to resell them. Despite the fact that it is low, the problem is that the web bots are killing our server because of the numbers of queries generated and we do not want to add more servers into this project, where we earn nothing from. We had no others choices to lock them out. We have tried to block the IPs, add a captcha solving process, change the Generator URL and nothing has successfully stopped them. We apologize that because of a few, you guys, have to go through an annoying locking process.
We do not like cheaters, so let’s all play fair. Once you get your credits, you are free to use them anywhere you want! Use them on farmville, mafia wars, and other games or apps you like! With that said, we hope you enjoy our site, and of course, enjoy your Free Facebook Credits!

How To Play Happy Pets – Facebook Application

First thing I do notice on this . game was the dark humor. Method this game portrays how hospital end up being run is truly the opposite with the items you see in actual life. Highly train doctors are similar to mad scientist or doctor quack that has either no idea of what they are doing or only plain Loony. Nurses are highly brainless with hot sexy bodies which flirt with their sufferers. While playing this game can really clog wonder think about if you are actually creating a hospital perhaps a mental asylum?

Treasure Isle, a bet on hunting treasure made via the same developers who brought you FarmVille, Zynga. This particular one game that you’ll then find it rather odd or loving it. Whatever your personal taste is, we from Mabel Games will be bringing you the inside on this game in this review.

There are different types of squares, such as blood, print, and detail trace sections. You have to have a wonderful tool to locate each of your squares, that amounted to funding. There are also UbiCredits, which are like Facebook credits, having said that can basically used in Ubisoft games on Facebook and for the.

FrontierVille also introduces your new concept with dropable possessions. Anytime you harvest a crop, reduce a tree or even feed need to your animals the game will drop a random amount of resources. These resources can even be money and experience (in the involving coins and stars), but can include items such as wood and food and much more. Sometimes will certainly even see artifacts lowered. Artifacts come in series of five can be traded in for big rewards when a group is perform. The different series of items are connected with the different kinds of providers. For example there is a series of pumpkin items are only dropped by some pumpkins when these types of harvested. Artifacts can be dropped by trees and rogue animals as well.

The cityville game is already one of the biggest games on Facebook. It seems that it staying played by millions of people and gamers alike. Plus it’s worldwide. Discover gamers benefitting from reading a Cityville guide with regard to tips and tricks to higher their gamming experience. The developer who made Cityville also made Farmville and Frontierville. Millions have enjoyed the facebook games from users all world-wide. How cityville works is this: it truly is a simulation game where you act as compared to the supervisor of the city. To help make you city bigger and habitable you have to place different buildings like business, housing and community buildings from a strategic arrange.

It an individual a little insight on a dangers and troubles you’ll then eventually mouth. You will be given choices as you travel and the choices you’re making will affect you together with your party.

Medical Mayhem has one of several oddest gameplay I have witnessed in Facebook for many years. Unlike any simulators that players encounter in Facebook, Medical Mayhem is surely one that you will never forget after sinking your mouth 2 hours into the overall game.

For further information info: Check out Facebook along with many purposes. I promise you’ll spend many relaxing hours growing farms, finding eggs, and picking bank account.